Do you know who you are doing business with?

Having a compliance program, plan or system in place is essential for domestic and global anti-money laundering legislative requirements and a good business practice.

A compliance check is now required by law when doing business. Find out what you need to know to protect yourself.

What is Compliance and who needs it?

Compliance is the process of making sure your company and employees follow all laws, regulations, standards, and ethical practices that apply to your organization and industry.

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A compliance check is required for accounting firms when preparing for or carrying out transactions for their client’s financial reporting and tax preparations.


Auditors & Advisors

A compliance check is required for Tax Auditors and Advisors managing their client’s money, securities or other assets, or management of bank, savings or securities accounts on behalf of the client.

Financial Institutions

When conducting any type of business where monies are exchange or a part of, a compliance check is required to be done on the person or entity with whom you are doing business.

Real Estate Companies

Realtors, Vehicle Dealers and others on the customer/client with whom the business is being done. It is an important part of doing business to Know Your Customer (KYC) and the source of the funds you are being paid with.

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Insurance Companies

A compliance check is required for insurance companies when they issue or underwrite covered products that may pose a higher risk, such as an annuity contract other than a group annuity contract.


Attorneys & Notaries

Attorneys and notaries acting on behalf of their clients when buying and selling real estate, organization of contributions for the creation, operation or management, and buying and selling of business entities.



A compliance check is mandatory on any person who spends a large amount (this differs by Country) generally in amounts over $15,000.



It is mandatory that casinos do a compliance check on any person who is betting and winning amounts of $6,000 or more.


Vehicle Dealers

It is mandatory for businesses that sell or buy vehicles to do a compliance check on their customers who give or receive $15,000 or more in cash.

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We are a Globally Accredited Compliance Company

We have an international research infrastructure in place and are accredited to conduct compliance and due diligence checks domestically and internationally.

FAQs you need to know to ensure your company is compliant

  • It is required that you perform due diligence or compliance checks on all persons you are doing business with.
  • Not knowing who your customers are can make you also liable for any wrongdoing on their part as well.
  • Knowing a customer for a long period of time does not exempt you from doing a check on them.
  • Reporting suspicious transactions to the authorities is your responsibility as a business person and you will be held accountable.
  • Having a compliance manual or plan is a must so that you can operate lawfully.