“The Tinder Swindler”-A Love Tale of Financial Nightmare

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We all want to find love.

Lucky for us, technology makes it easier for us to expand our options.

Recently, Netflix released a documentary about the famous app, Tinder. If you don’t know it, it’s an app where you post some pictures, write a short bio, and start swiping, in hopes of finding your next date.

When you like someone that has liked you; you get a match. After you match, the texting can begin.

How It Started
This story begins in London, where a young girl matches with a handsome and wealthy young man. He quickly invites her on a date to his five star hotel. After a first night of flying privately to another country, and staying in fancy hotels, she returns to London. She cannot believe her luck.

She has struck gold, as her match is the son of the “King of diamonds” and the CEO of his family business- Simon Leviev.

Move in with me
Within a few months of dating, dining at fancy restaurants, hours of texting and flying back and forth in private jets to visit each other, they decide to move in together. As the young lady starts house hunting, Leviev, her now boyfriend, is on the road, desperately waiting to be able to return to London to be with her.

A New Day
But all of a sudden, he starts having problems with his business. He is being hunted by dangerous people in the diamond industry. He is nervous and must now go on the run.

He quickly asks his girlfriend for help. Sending pictures of his bodyguard being attacked. He is worried, and asks for money so that he can’t be traced.

Ask Me For Money
She starts by giving him access to her credit card, then taking out back loans for him. His requests become bigger and bigger. All with the promise to be repaid. Slowly, his affection begins to lessen, and his love messages start to turn to threats.

At this time, she has now taken out loans for him with ten different banks. The banks are becoming desperate, she is becoming anxious, and he is getting more aggressive and less responsive.

The Nightmare Intensifies
That’s when she decides to report him to the police. She finds out that he was a fraud. Her boyfriend was not who he said he was. But instead, was wanted in over 50 different countries, for taking advantage of the women he dated.

Each new match was swayed and seduced, with the fancy lifestyle, being paid for by the woman before her. A scheme that was self sustaining, and resulted in the women collectively providing Leviev with millions of dollars to support his lifestyle.